Political Awareness Training

Understanding the political landscape of the country you work in and knowing about how policy is developed and held to account is important. For our researchers, who we know want to make a difference with the projects they undertake, we feel that is so crucial we provide political awareness training every other year.


Last week as part of our Communtiy of Scholars programme we all headed off to the Senedd in Cardiff Bay. Kevin Davies, Senior Public Engagement Manager at the National Assembly for Wales (NAfW) provided a great introduction and this was followed by a short tour [Check out the YouTube video if you want to know more about the NAfW].


We were fortunate that one of the committees with real relevance to this group, Health, Social Care and Sport were meeting that day as part of evidence gathering around GP clusters in Wales. We were able to sit in on a couple of fascinating sessions and then spoke with the committe chair Dai Lloyd AM.


Ending the day was a really informative session with Phillippa Watkins and Steve Boyce who are Senior Health Researchers at the NAfW. They pull together the backgroud information/briefing material for assembly members. We were able to find out how they get their information and what we can do to make them aware of the evidence that is generated though the research we undertake.


All in all, it was a great follow on from a session at the end of last year on the UK Parliamnet and Research delivered by Liz Price, Senior Community Outreach anbd Engagement Officer for Wales and South West Engalnd.


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