Tenovus Mobile Unit Hosts CoS (July 1, 2016)

A big thank you to Tenovus Cancer Care who yesterday allowed us to hold our latest Community of Scholars (CoS) masterclass on one of their mobile support units. The truck is incredible. Once parked the sides are expanded out and the unit can be used to provide cancer treatment, counselling and support out in the community right across Wales.


Tenovus Cancer care has previously funded one of our Fellows (Jonathan Tigwell) to undertake research looking into the experiences of women returning to work after treatment for breast cancer and are about to fund three First into Research opportunities.


The focus of yesterday's masterclass was on obtaining external research funding and achieving impact with research findings. Tim Banks, Research Officer & Lisa Whittaker, Research Engagement Officer from Tenovus Cancer Care started the day with a presentation that looked at how funding decisions are made and how the charity works with the researchers it funds to disseminate work to the publi. Like many research funders now, lay involvement in decision making is very important for Tenovus and so a key message was ensure that proposals are written in away that can be understood by the panel - don't use jargon but equally, don't dumb it down. 



Dr. Mark Kelson a consultant with the Research Design & Conduct Service gave a really good presentation on what makes a good funding proposal and reminded everyone that the RDCS is a free service for NHS and social care professionals in Wales that 'provides guidance and advice to enable researchers to both assess the potential of an idea and to develop a study or trial idea effectively up to the point of application for funding'.


PhD student Julie Latchem then finished off the day talking about approaches to early career research impact and engagement. It really is never to early to think about planning your pathway to impact!

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