Masterclasses continue to address a range of topics (April 5th, 2016)

Every two months throughout the academic year, all of those who are currently funded under the RCBCWales scheme come together for bespoke days of personal and professional development. All Fellows receive training at their host institiutions so these masterclasses aim to provide opportunitites 'above and beyond' this. Since the residental in September we have covered a range of subjects and a big thank you goes out to the great speakers who have contributed to the programme:


November 2015:

Managing your digital presence: researcher profiles and social media Julie Kissick, USW

Making sense of qualitative data: principles, approaches and practical tips (workshop) Dr Gina Dolan, USW


January 2016:

Observational studies and fieldwork conundrums Prof. Deborah Roberts, Glyndwr

Resilience Andy McCann, DNA Definitive


March 2016:

Community, art and engagement Dr Adeola Dewis. USW

Research and scientific misconduct Dr Paul Gill, Cardiff


So what do we have coming up? A practical day of media training and a day looking at funders, funding tips and how to address the big hot topic of Impact!


And the elephant means.....
Prof. Deb Roberts talking about field work conundrums
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