Chancellor's Prize for RCBC student

Congratulations to Dr Edna Asbury-Ward on being awarded The Chancellors Prize for her research at Glyndwr University.  Edna's research achieved "the best overall performance of the graduating cohort" and was eligible on more than one of the strict criteria.  The judges in reaching their decision considered the performance of all elgible Postgraduate Research students and Edna was eligible for the prize in the opinion of the internal and external examiners through achieving/demonstrating;

"A performance at the viva voce and in the thesis or dissertation and/or research reports which is regarded by the examiners as being particularly strong in terms of subject knowledge and expertise"


"Evidence that a particularly challenging subject area for the Research Degree has been chosen and that the thesis or dissertation and/or research reports and viva voce demonstrate that the candidate has through his or her research gained a strong understanding of the particular challenging subject area".


Edna's award will be presented by Lord Barry Jones, Chancellor of Glyndwr University at the graduation ceremony on October 28th 2010.  Edna is thrilled with this award and thanked RCBC Wales for her PhD scholarship opportunity.


Well done Edna!

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