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Dr Roiyah Saltus

Principal Research Fellow, Faculty of Life Science and Education, University of South Wales


Dr Roiyah Saltus took over from Dr Emma Tonkin on 1st September 2018. Roiyah’s teaching, research and scholarly work lies at the intersection of sociology, public health, and critical social policy. Her core focus is mapping and addressing the social and political determinants of health and wellbeing and their unequal impact on the health and wellbeing of population groups and communities, with a focus on migration, ethnicity and aging. Her work includes surveying the practices and perspectives of service providers and conducting qualitative explorations of people’s everyday experiences in order to find ways to improve provision within the context of complex integrated care systems.  As a research activist her focus is always outward looking, with attention to dialogue, knowledge exchange and to working with others to find solutions, foster interventions and ultimately to impact positively on people’s lives. She has settled into her RCBC role.  Impact (of research), Improvement (of clinical practice) and Involvement (of key stakeholder groups and people) is the overarching theme for CoS  in 2018/19  that will shape the bi-monthly programme of one-day events.


Roiyah can be contacted by email and telephone on 01443 483894.




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