The aim of RCBCWales is to increase the research capacity of nursing, midwifery, allied health professions and pharmacists in Wales and to contribute toward the development of clinical academic roles.


  • To appoint research Fellows into a variety of funded research posts (including PhDs and Postdoctoral positions).
  • To collect and report on the Fellows’ progress throughout the duration of their research projects.
  • To create and maintain a Community of Scholars which aims to provide a supportive mechanism in order to:
    • Pool the intellectual capacity of nursing and allied health academics in Wales for the benefit of the RCBC Fellows;
    • Provide a supportive environment in which Fellows and academics meet regularly to discuss issues and share ideas particularly on methodological issues;
    • Provide a means to keep the motivation and progress of Fellows high leading to timely completion rates;
    • Accelerate the development of Fellows’ methodological and research leadership expertise as a means of ‘fast tracking’ future research leaders;
    • Provide a mechanism for mentorship and career guidance. 
  • To manage the scheme through a Managerial steering group and Operational group in order to:
    • Design a programme of work in keeping with current Welsh Government priorities for the NHS.
    • Contribute to the evidence base required for NHS Wales.
    • Ensure that the funds awarded to RCBC are used for the purposes intended.
    • Provide a forum for reporting the progress of individual Fellows.


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